The Kero Chronicles

Kero & ZeBot

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.”
-Omar Khayyam

“If you want to learn how to celebrate every single moment, hang out with a zebra — or a dog.”  -ZeBot

As a zebra in pursuit of all that is beautiful and creative, I wanted to showcase the amazing grace of one of my best canine buddies–a magical Siberian Husky named Kero.

I can’t capture her in photographs, because (like life), she always moving and shifting, often in the most subtle ways.

She is the moment — and  the moment is Kero.

Here are a few of her moments in a movie, made with my own four hooves — and dedicated to Kero’s all-time favorite human, Andrew Sigal.  The video’s featured song is “I Love My Dog” by  Cat Stevens (proof that even cats love great dogs) and is available at iTunes.

P.S. If you love canine fun, please check out this interview with my friend Rico, a Sicilian-born truffle dog who recounts his adventures in his very own words!

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