ZeKids’ Food Blogging

Hurray for ZeKid Reporters!

For the fourth consecutive year, we’ve teamed up with Green Ribbon Schools to host our award-winning Digital Kitchen, where kids explore the wonderful world of  food, chronicle their adventures in words, photos and/or video, then share them with other kids via Green Ribbon Schools (a safe, monitored website for teachers, parents and kids).

With parents’ permission, we’re also showcasing some of our kids’ food blogs on the super-fun DooF (“food” backwards) website, a multimedia gathering place founded by Bay Area media guru Mike Axinn, longtime Chez Panisse forager Alan Tangren and Williams-Sonoma writer & culinary historian Laura Martin Bacon.

Kamola & ZeBot Hail to ZeKale

To share your family food traditions & join all the latest culinary fun with Edible Legacies in our Kids Digital Kitchen, please click here!

To help make senior citizens happy (and healthy) by sharing Heartfelt Traditions, click here!



What’s so great about ZeKid Reporters?

Kids are some of the best reporters around. They share a zebra’s way of looking at life from a wide range of perspectives: backwards, forwards, sideways, right-side-up, upside-down and inside-out.

Since kids naturally view the world this way – examining each facet of life from every possible angle – it makes sense that they’d want to learn about food using this same creative approach.

ZeBot & Jessica with CUESA Logo

Chronicling adventures in food encourages kids to actively and creatively engage with real-life experiences that nourish a unique set of skills and pleasures.

The combination of creative writing and photography engages all parts of the brain, empowering kids to experience and understand their chosen subjects in an exciting new way.

Let's Blog with Zebras

Since kids’ imaginations and free time are understandably captivated by an ever-growing proliferation of electronic gadgets, our approach creates a natural synergy that invites them to share their hands-on experiences using the latest media.

When it comes to fun writing and exploration, ZeBot’s favorite subjects include:

Food Sources: From growers, ranchers and fishermen to artisanal food producers and chefs.

Food Ecology: Sustainable food production, the ethics of eating – and cooking up a “green kitchen.”

Food Prep: Ingredients, recipes and culinary techniques.

Food Craft: Culinary DIY (or, in a zebra’s case, ZIY) – celebrating the fun of homemade.

Food Community: Using food and cooking to help others (hint: the secret ingredient is love).

Food Science: Portraying the kitchen as a cool chemistry lab.

Food Legends & Lore: The stories behind the world’s favorite foods.

Food Art: Encouraging kids to learn by drawing, painting, sculpting and filming culinary subjects.

Food Geography: Exploring the world using food as a vehicle.

Food History & Culture: Tracing foods back through time and exploring regional food traditions.

Food, Fitness & Nutrition: Food as supercool fuel and a delicious way to stay healthy.

Whether you’re a kid or a zebra, blogging opens up delicious new worlds — we hope you’ll join ZeFun today! Got questions? Please contact ZeBot & his personal assistant, Laura Martin Bacon, at kidsfoodblog@gmail.com

Joey & Zebras

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