Meet ZeBot!

ZeBot Veggie Bin

There’s a new zebra in town (that would be me: ZeBot)!

Everyone seems to be getting into food these days, so I thought: why not a zebra? Granted, I’m all hooves and know nothing about anything culinary – but what I lack in dexterity and knowledge, I make up for in zealous curiosity, playful imagination and the humble willingness to learn whatever humans have to teach me.

Plus, I figure if a zebra can ZIY, anyone can DIY!

As a kids’ culinary educator who’s ZeMascot for IACP Kids, The San Francisco Professional Food Society, The Southern Food & Beverage Institute, Young Chefs and lots of other great organizations (please see below), you’ll find me and my personal assistant in all sorts of exciting places.

I hope you’ll join us as we explore everything from restaurant and home kitchens to food science labs, magical museums, farmers’ markets, artisanal cheese shops, undersea aquafarms, tropical island forests and country barnyards.

My mission: to take food way beyond black and white, exploring it from every possible perspective.

ZeBot the Truffle Zebra

With this in mind, some of my favorite subjects include:

Food Sources: From growers, ranchers and fishermen to artisanal food producers and chefs.

Food Ecology: Sustainable food production, the ethics of eating – and cooking up a “green kitchen.”

Food Prep: Ingredients, recipes and culinary techniques.

Food Craft: Culinary DIY (or, in my case, ZIY) – celebrating the fun of homemade.

Food Community: Using food and cooking to help others (hint: the secret ingredient is love).

Food Science: Portraying the kitchen as a cool chemistry lab.

Food Legends & Lore: The stories behind the world’s favorite foods.

Food Art: Encouraging kids to learn by drawing, painting, sculpting and filming culinary subjects.

Food Geography: Exploring the world using food as a vehicle.

Food History & Culture: Tracing foods back through time and exploring regional food traditions.

Food, Fitness & Nutrition: Food as supercool fuel and a delicious way to stay healthy.

How am I going to learn all this? Well, I’m working with kids (who, I’m finding out, tend to know absolutely everything).

To see what the kids are teaching me (in their own words, photos and videos), please join ZeFun in the IACP Kids Digital Kitchen!


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