ZeKids’ Food Blogging 101

zebot sofab cookbooks

Find the magic in food: Choose your coolest-ever thing about the food or cooking project you’re blogging about – and go for it!

Discover delicious inspiration in cookbooks: One of the best ways to be a good writer is to read the sort of things you’d like to write. Cookbooks and food publications (like magazines, websites and blogs) are great ways to whet your creative appetite.

Keep an idea notebook: A good idea is terrible thing to lose, so if you have an inspiration for a cooking or writing project, jot it down in a notebook or notepad app on your phone, iPod or computer.

Be yourself: Think of your blog as a conversation between you and the reader. This means: write from the heart – and write the way you talk. It’s the best way to discover what professional writers call your “true voice.”

Play with words: If you can’t think of the right word, don’t worry about it. Just pick one  (or make one up) and keep going – you can always change it later, if you want to. Besides, you might invent an amazing new word!

Use your all senses: Describe how something tastes, smells, sounds or feels. What you want to do is create a mental picture for your reader. For example, when an egg hits a hot frying pan, talk about the sizzle and pop you hear. Tell how the colors and textures change as the egg cooks. Or describe the way the hot, creamy smell of melting butter fills the kitchen.

Write it and say it: When you’re finished writing, read your blog out loud. This is one of the best ways to catch mistakes and awkward sentences. If the blog sounds natural when you read it out loud, you’re good to go.

Photography Pointers: If you shoot outside, try to avoid full sunlight.  If you shoot inside, try to find a place where there’s lots of natural light. Try not to use the flash, if you can help it. If you’re going for a close-up, zoom in just a bit; the most extreme position on zoom lenses distort things. Of course, if you’re trying to make the food look funky, go right ahead!


Remember, this is YOUR writing – have fun with it!

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