Introducing ZeBot (That’s Me)!

ZeBot Veggie Bin

There’s a new zebra in town (that would be me: ZeBot)!

Everyone seems to be getting into food these days, so I thought: why not a zebra? Granted, I’m all hooves and know nothing about anything culinary – but what I lack in dexterity and knowledge, I make up for in zealous curiosity, playful imagination and the humble willingness to learn whatever humans have to teach me.

Plus, I figure if a zebra can ZIY, anyone can DIY!

You’ll find me everywhere from restaurant and home kitchens to farmers’ market vegetable bins, artisanal cheese shops, undersea aquafarms and country barnyards. My mission: to take food way beyond black and white, exploring it from every possible perspective.

ZeBot the Truffle Zebra

With this in mind, some of my favorite subjects include:

Food Sources: From growers, ranchers and fishermen to artisanal food producers and chefs.

Food Ecology: Sustainable food production, the ethics of eating – and cooking up a “green kitchen.”

Food Prep: Ingredients, recipes and culinary techniques.

Food Craft: Culinary DIY (or, in my case, ZIY) – celebrating the fun of homemade.

Food Science: Portraying the kitchen as a cool chemistry lab.

Food Legends & Lore: The stories behind the world’s favorite foods.

Food Art: Encouraging kids to learn by drawing, painting, sculpting and filming culinary subjects.

Food Geography: Exploring the world using food as a vehicle.

Food History & Culture: Tracing foods back through time and exploring regional food traditions.

Food, Fitness & Nutrition: Food as supercool fuel and a delicious way to stay healthy.

How am I going to learn all this? Well, I’m working with kids (who, I’m learning, tend to know everything), plus some expert organizations who have offered to assist me as I explore the wild world of food!

Meet some of my cool partners:

CUESA (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture)

DooF (‘food’ backwards)

Green Ribbon Schools

IACP (International Association for Culinary Professionals)

The Southern Food & Beverage Museum

The Culinary Trust

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